Berlin, 18.11.2020 | IVU at the German Equity Forum 2020

On Tuesday, 17 November 2020, CEO Martin Müller-Elschner presented IVU at this year’s virtual German Equity Forum. Please find the slides here.

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Berlin, 15.06.2020 | Manager Magazin reports on IVU

The German financial magazine Manager Magazin analyses IVU and its perspectives for future development. In view of social megatrends, the IVU share was promising. Although the valuation was "ambitious", it "definitely" belonged...

Berlin, 12.06.2020 | Interview with Martin Müller-Elschner

German financial magazine DER AKTIONÄR asked Martin Müller-Elschner, CEO of IVU, about the current situation, long-term trends and the future of IVU.

Berlin, 26.03.2020 | Börsengeflüster: Analysis of 2019 record figures

Analysing the 2019 figures, the author of the German financial blog Börsengeflüster particularly points to the significantly increased efficiency (EBIT/gross profit) of 16.9% (2018: 12.9%), which was "most remarkable." In...

Berlin, 12.02.2020 | Interview with Steffen Voith

In an interview with Gereon Kruse from German financial website Börsengeflüster, Steffen Voith, IVU's Head of Finance, explains the preliminary annual results for 2019 and the EBIT forecast for the current year.

Berlin, 13.01.2020 | Börsengeflüster: IVU on the fast track

The financial blog Börsengeflüster comments on the strong performance of IVU shares. Projects with Deutsche Bahn and the Danish State Railways promise “considerable growth” in the future. Conclusion: “Even with a PER north of 25,...

Berlin, 05.12.2019 | Sale of IVU.workforce

As part of its focus on public transport, IVU dissolved the Logistics division at the end of the year 2018. IVU has now found a buyer for the product IVU.workforce, which is mainly used to manage field staff. As of 1 January...

Berlin, 29.11.2019 | IVU at the German Equity Forum 2019

On Wednesday, 27 November 2019, our CEO Martin Müller-Elschner presented IVU at this year’s German Equity Forum in Frankfurt. Please find the slides here.

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Berlin, 21.11.2019 | Börsengeflüster: Everything alright at IVU

Gereon Kruse of German investor news website Börsengeflüster comments on our Q3 figures. With regard to the slight drop in the share price, he points out that on closer look the difference to the prevoious year is only small and...

Berlin, 25.09.2019 | Brief interview with Martin Müller-Elschner

In an interview with German financial news outlet 4investors, IVU CEO Martin Müller-Elschner comments a project stop with IVU customer BLS: The decision of BLS has no further implications for IVU’s business or other customers. We...