IVU.crew + IVU.pad

Satisfied Employees

The right member of staff in the right place at the right time: IVU.crew supports the entire personnel dispatch process and ensures that all employees are where they need to be, whether that is driving a train or operating a lifting platform in the workshop.

IVU.crew has the right tool for every work step, ranging from long-term roster layout and holiday planning, to medium-term dispatch and short-term fleet management, right through to correct settlement and evaluation. The continuous flow of data ensures consistency. IVU.crew automatically transfers every change to the integrated payroll accounting feature, which has flexible rule systems to simplify performance evaluations.

All planning phases benefit from powerful optimisation algorithms. During the process of devising weekly schedules and roster layouts, IVU.crew calculates the optimal outcome based on operational requirements, ensuring a resilient duty schedule, satisfied employees, and efficient operations. Dispatch optimisation also takes into account employees’ preferences and qualifications, pays attention to restrictions, and ensures fair, balanced duties.

IVU.crew and IVU.pad are closely linked, with the mobile app keeping employees in the loop at all times. Key information such as duty schedules, manuals and forms are a click away. Whether it is holiday planning, duty requests or duty swaps, digital dispatch speeds up workflows and ensures satisfied staff.