IVU.fleet+ IVU.cockpit

interface to the train

IVU.fleet and IVU.cockpit give the control centre a constant direct line to the driver’s cab. Delays, track changes, journey information: Dispatch managers at railway companies can use numerous functions to keep drivers and passengers informed, to communicate with peripheral train equipment, and to evaluate trips.

IVU.fleet is the land-based background system for train communication: Seamlessly connected to the dispatch team in IVU.vehicle, it communicates continuously with the driver-operated on-board computer software IVU.cockpit. The system automatically forwards journey scheduling changes to the train. The clearly arranged user interface of IVU.cockpit displays all information immediately, with additional dispatch information if required. The system also establishes radio communication with the train driver at the touch of a button.

As the control centre on board the train, IVU.cockpit complies with ITxPT and is compatible with all important protocols for on-board and external data transmission. The on-board computer software records the peripheral data from sensors as well as the train position via GPS. IVU.cockpit provides visual and acoustic passenger information and modifies it in the event of dispatch actions.

After the trip is completed, a substantial amount of data is available for further use and analysis. This includes, for example, location data or passenger count data. IVU.fleet consolidates this data and sends it to IVU.fleet.statistic for evaluation. This ensures that railway companies always have a full overview of their services.