Up-to-date and accurate passenger information on train station displays and on smartphones: IVU.realtime keeps customers informed in real time across all channels. The dynamic passenger information system, which is directly linked to the control centre, generates a consistent flow of data from the vehicle to the passenger.

Standardised interfaces connect IVU.realtime to a large number of different data sources, including external data hubs. The system uses the incoming real-time data to calculate passenger-appropriate departure forecasts and transmits this information automatically to the various output media. Where required, information can be added manually and automatically and relayed either visually or acoustically over external systems. The IVU.realtime.app is the perfect app for passengers: Complete with a departure monitor, real-time connection search tool, trip companion and door-to-door navigation. Just like all other output media, it can be fully adapted to your railway company’s individual design requirements.

Il sistema di pianificazione dei viaggi IVU.journey è la giusta base per consentire ai passeggeri di ottenere informazioni anche attraverso il sito web. Il sistema calcola sempre il miglior collegamento sia sul percorso diretto verso la destinazione che con cambi, fermate intermedie e interruzioni di viaggio. Se disponibile, IVU.journey utilizza anche i servizi di car e bike sharing per il calcolo del percorso.