All basic and infrastructure data within one system: With IVU.timetable, routes, headways, and journeys can be perfectly coordinated.

IVU.timetable supports the entire timetabling process,from structuring the route network and creating timetables through to publishing services and supplying information to operation control and passenger information systems. Railway companies benefit when train formations are planned in detail. For example, IVU.timetable enables strengthening, weakening and portion working of train formations, while the direction of train movement is calculated automatically based on preset system parameters.

The integrated transport path management and planning tool makes it easy to handle route resources within the planning process. Ordered train paths can be easily combined with planned trains and scheduling can be modified in the event of any changes.

IVU.timetable issues a warning when train path changes result in conflicts. Planners can flexibly work around planned timetable deviations such as engineering work. The system ensures consistent planning information: from journeys and vehicle schedules through to duties.

Whether the task at hand involves simply configuring individual routes or integrating data from other operators and subcontractors, with IVU.timetable you have all the information at your fingertips at all times. IVU.timetable makes everything easy: from assigning infrastructure restrictions and entering  parameters such as seating capacities and itineraries, to designing timetables.

IVU.timetable at a glance

  • Integrated train path management
    Standardised management and planning of transport paths and trains:
    IVU.timetable makes it easy to handle route resources
  • Detailed train formations
    Strengthening, weakening and portion working of
    vehicle formations can be planned in detail
  • Intelligent checking algorithms
    A single change can have major repercussions:
    IVU.timetable supplies consistent planning information automatically
  • Automatic conflict warnings
    IVU.timetable issues a warning when there are infrastructure restrictions
  • Future-proof data model
    The train path management function is already
    equipped for the upcoming TAF/TAP TSI standards