Big data for better results

To improve the deployment of electric buses, IVU.suite gathers and analyses all kinds of data and makes intelligent range forecasts for vehicles and routes.


Collecting and evaluating data

From route topography to the battery profile and all the way to the consumption profile, IVU.suite records all relevant target and actual data, merges it and prepares it for further processing. This provides transport operators with all the information they need to analyse electric bus deployment and to determine how they can further optimise their performance.

Evaluation of the influences on energy consumption

Uphill and downhill gradients, battery status, vehicle type, time of day, traffic situation, degree of occupancy, status of charge, vehicle working schedules, outside temperature, weather conditions, vehicle weight – every detail is relevant when it comes to optimising electric vehicle deployment. Sophisticated big data technologies make it easer to handle this information and enable targeted analyses as a means of exhausting all potential.

Assistance is provided in this context by IVU.suite’s intelligent algorithms: Machine learning enables the creation of exact range forecasts depending on the vehicle type, route, week day or season. The more data is available, the more accurate the prediction. This ensures efficiency and cuts costs – for the deployment of electric buses as well as for infrastructure planning.

In addition, IVU.suite makes it possible to precisely calculate actual driving performance. Transport companies can thus comprehensively document the use of the electric buses for the public tranpsort authorities, for example if transport contracts contain corresponding guidelines.

At a glance

  • Big data
    Route topography, vehicle type, weather situation: A sophisticated data storage concept processes all relevant details
  • Machine learning
    Intelligent self-learning algorithms: Every vehicle working generates new data that improves the calculation of forecasts
  • Targeted analyses
    Which routes are suitable for electric buses? When does energy consumption rise? Comprehensive evaluations provide the answers
  • Careful planning
    Enough power for the next vehicle working at all times: IVU.suite automatically takes analyses into account during planning
  • Creating reports
    Tabular and graphical evaluations for planning and management ensure informed decisions

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