Hanover, Germany

As early as 2024, Hanover’s public transport company plans to use electric trans­port throughout the city. IVU.suite’s fleet management provides an overview.

IVU.fleet, IVU.cockpit + IVU.box


Keeping the entire fleet under control at all times – with IVU.suite, dispatch managers can control and monitor day-to-day operations on the road. Whether it involves battery, hydrogen or diesel power, the system provides the right function for every vehicle type. Numerous automated functions help to ensure a swift and appropriate response in every operational scenario.

IVU.suite continuously monitors all aspects of a trip – from the vehicle status and the timetable situation through to the current deployment of vehicles and personnel. Dispatch managers have access to important information such as the state of charge, remaining range, and other data of relevance to operations at all times. If energy is in danger of running short, IVU.suite automatically alerts the dispatch managers and suggests possible measures. In addition, the software always checks the anticipated consequences of dispatch interventions per vehicle type.

Schematic and map-based display of the operations situation in IVU.fleet

Driver assistance in IVU.cockpit

In order to use battery-powered electric buses as efficiently as possible and to extend ranges, IVU.suite supports the control centre with extensive functions. The clearly laid out user interface not only displays the state of charge, but also provides information on the current range prognosis for all electric vehicles. Dispatchers can thus see at a glance whether the next trips can still be carried out and can react in good time, for example to exchange a bus in cooperation with the depot. IVU.suite automatically records all dispatch measures that affect the vehicle and calculates updated range prognoses.

A compact device for vehicle operations and ticketing – the on-board computer IVU.ticket.box prints tickets, scans barcodes, validates e-tickets and controls peripheral devices

At a glance

  • Checking the state of charge
    Information in realtime: IVU.suite transmits the current state of charge for every vehicle directly to fleet management
  • Reacting swiftly
    Continuously updated range forecasts enable dispatch managers to take action before the power runs short
  • Informed dispatch
    Predicting the impact of a travel path modification on the range: Forecasts help to estimate the consequences of dispatch measures
  • Integrated working
    Whether it is a diesel or electric bus, IVU.suite combines all vehicle types in a mixed fleet in a single user interface
  • Monitoring charging stations
    To ensure that buses can charge along the route, dispatch managers know in advance whether a charging point is ready-to-operate or occupied
  • Connecting with depot management
    A continuous flow of data ensures better planning: IVU.suite transmits the states of charge and forecasts to connected systems

Photo header: ÜSTRA