Wiesbaden, Germany

In the future, the entire fleet of the Wiesbaden transport company ESWE will be completely electric and IVU.suite will take over their charging management.



Fully charged into the vehicle working – with IVU.suite, planners and dispatch managers have the overall charging process under control, from long-term charge planning to controlling the infra­struc­ture and all the way to energy management in the depot. The software compiles all relevant data, calculates optimum charging scenarios and ensures that battery-powered electric buses always have sufficient power for the intended vehicle workings.

State of charge, age and condition of the battery for every vehicle, total output of transformers, energy costs, number of available charging stations and buses to be charged, planned following vehicle workings: Sophisticated algorithms take every aspect of charging planning into account and determine the correct charging strategy for every vehicle and every depot. In this way, charging processes only drain as much output as is actually required. Smart peak shifting avoids load peaks and capacity overloads and distributes charging processes dynamically across vehicles and charging stations in order to reduce losses. In addition, the intelligent allocation of vehicles to charging stations helps to make the best use of the available infrastructure and save electricity costs. For this purpose, IVU.suite takes into account the special characteristics of different charging devices and adapts charging plans flexibly – even if a charging station should fail.

Interfaces to the systems operated by the power utilities also enable transport operators to participate in the energy market and exploit price fluctuations to ensure that they always consume the cheapest electricity.

IVU.vehicle shows all dispatch information at a glance

At a glance

  • Compiling data
    Infrastructure, vehicles, vehicle workings: Intelligent algorithms observe every aspect and generate optimum charging plans
  • Modelling charging processes
    The right output depending on battery and charging station: IVU.suite automatically takes the technical conditions into account
  • Taking capacities into account
    Smart peak shifting optimises the distribution of charging processes to avoid load peaks and capacity overloads
  • Reacting flexibly
    Whether it involves a transformer failure or a defective charging station: IVU.suite adapts charging plans flexibly to the current situation
  • Monitoring charging processes
    Always informed: Comprehensive monitoring and logging functions alert dispatch managers in the event of deviations

Photo header: ESWE Wiesbaden/Daimler Truck AG