Budapest, Hungary

More than 2,300 buses, trams, trolleybuses, and ferries keep people moving in the Hungarian capital. IVU.fleet and IVU.cockpit put urban transport operator BKK in constant control of the situation.

IVU.fleet + IVU.cockpit + IVU.box


The control centre is always in full control of the traffic situation with IVU.fleet and IVU.cockpit. Delays, bus bunching, accidents, emergency calls – various automated features help dispatch managers to respond quickly and appropriately in every operations situation.

IVU.fleet continuously monitors all aspects of a journey – from the vehicle status and the timetable situation through to current deployment of vehicles and personnel. If any irregularities are identified on a route, the system alerts the dispatch managers and suggests suitable courses of action. Changes to the route, strengthening vehicle schedules, or aborted trips can be created with just a few mouse clicks.

Schematic and map-based display of the operations situation in IVU.fleet

IVU.fleet’s automatic connection management feature gives drivers helpful information, such as waiting at a stop for longer so that passengers in delayed vehicles can still make a connection. Thanks to IVU.fleet’s comprehensive multi-client capability, this also works smoothly between different companies. The mobile IVU.fleet.app means that dispatch managers always have the situation under control.

The on-board computer software IVU.cockpit is also ready to help – it has multi-tenant capability, and is standard-compliant with ITxPT. Thanks to its intuitive and clearly arranged user interface, it helps drivers in real time, automatically manages the network infra­struct­ure, establishes a connection to the control centre, and issues visual and acoustic alerts to passengers regarding the journey’s progress.

Whether you are an individual company or a transport network, whether you have 10 or 10,000 vehicles – IVU.fleet and IVU.cockpit enable straightforward and reliable management of any fleet.

Driver assistance in IVU.cockpit

The on-board computer prints tickets, scans barcodes, validates e-tickets and manages peripheral devices. The pay terminal accepts credit and debit cards, with PIN entry and contactless options. The touch display means that drivers can operate the user interface quickly and intuitively – even during their hectic everyday schedules.


At a glance

  • Integrated monitoring
    IVU.fleet continuously monitors the operations situation and sends alerts as soon as disruptions occur
  • Efficient disruption management
    Optimising workflows: IVU.fleet provides assistance with suitable suggestions for dispatch actions
  • Automatic connection and interval management
    Drivers automatically receive information if there is a delayed connection or the headway becomes irregular
  • Smooth communication
    Whether you use analogue and digital private mobile radio or public mobile radio, drivers and the control centre remain in touch
  • Comprehensive passenger information
    IVU.cockpit automatically issues visual and acoustic information and makes announcements in the passenger compartment

Case Study: Multi-tenant system for A-Welle

Efficient, resource-conserving, cost-effective: Together with BOGG, Regionalbus Lenzburg and AVA (Limmat Bus), IVU has implemented an integrated multi-tenant system for Switzerland.
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Case Study: IVU.suite at LAMATA

In order to minimise traffic congestion and to enable efficient traffic operations in Lagos, the largest city in Africa, the traffic authority LAMATA uses the integrated standard products of IVU.suite since 2016.
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Case Study: IVU.suite at the Transdev Group

For a company with 45 subsidiaries and over 6,900 employees, efficient planning and scheduling is essential. In order to standardise these processes for the various bus and rail companies, Transdev relies on IVU.suite.
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Case Study: IVU.suite at VMS

VMS decided to introduce the the multi-tenant operation control system IVU.fleet together with the on-board computer IVU.ticket.box.
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Photo header: uhueye/shutterstock.com