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Germany’s largest urban transport company keeps its customers moving around the clock. BVG transports over a billion passengers every year. ensures optimal vehicle schedules for buses, trams, underground trains, and ferries.


Creating efficient vehicle schedules and optimising vehicle requirements: supports the entire schedule planning process, from daily deployment through to multi-day vehicle scheduling, including maintenance and service times. Numerous automated functions and well-developed guidelines make workflows much faster. adopts timetables seamlessly from IVU.timetable or from third-party systems via standard interfaces. When linking journeys to vehicle schedules, the system automatically uses operational requirements to add services such as turnaround times, cleaning and refuelling. The intelligent suggestion system makes planning even simpler: Taking both existing restrictions and vehicle-specific features – such as those for electric buses – into account, it recommends matching linkages. There are internal control mechanisms in place to ensure that the final vehicle schedule meets all operational requirements and regulations.’s powerful optimisation core performs complex tasks. It automatically generates vehicle schedules based on individual requirements, minimising the number of vehicles required. If operationally possible and desirable, the system suggests minor adjustments to the timetable – where required – to further increase potential savings.

Last but not least, optimisation allows extensive variant planning to calculate various different scenarios and their costs, for example when transport companies are applying for new concessions. links journeys to vehicle schedules

At a glance

  • Powerful optimisation
    Tried-and-tested algorithms help to generate efficient vehicle schedules and save resources
  • Integrated planning processes incorporates relevant information into schedule planning – from timetables to duty schedules
  • Flexible rule editor
    Planning requirements from maintenance intervals to vehicle restrictions can be entered flexibly
  • Extensive variant planning
    If there is a new concession or changes to services, can help with scenario and cost planning
  • eReady automatically takes electric bus requirements – such as loading cycles or schedule length restrictions – into account and makes intelligent suggestions for increased efficiency

Case Study: IVU.suite at Torghatten

The Norwegian transport company Torghatten uses the solutions of IVU.suite for the planning and dispatch of vehicles and personnel at all its subsidiaries.
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Case Study: IVU.suite at the Transdev Group

For a company with 45 subsidiaries and over 6,900 employees, efficient planning and scheduling is essential. In order to standardise these processes for the various bus and rail companies, Transdev relies on IVU.suite.
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